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Tremendous amount of our personal energy supply is tied up in negative emotions such as anger, resentment, and hate.

Why? Because it takes a lot of work, attention—and energy—to hold a grudge and stay angry. Some people have been angry for so long and so automatically, they don’t even realize it. But it’s easy to tell when you scan their aura: you feel heavy congestion and/or depletion of the front and back solar plexus and heart chakras. So, to help alleviate some of these negative emotions, we frequently do the following exercise, the Simple Practice of Forgiveness, prior to meditation. And we do it regularly as well because we’re all imperfect, and it’s tough to go through life without getting mad at someone or feeling slighted or resentful. It’s just one more tool to help you keep your energy clean and plentiful. Simple Practice of Forgiveness 1. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and your hands folded in your lap. Visualize a person who has hurt you or wronged you in some way. As you see the person, really conjure up the feeling of hurt as you recount what he or she did to you. Now, fold your hands in front of you with your thumbs touching your heart chakra at the center of your chest. With your eyes closed, imagine looking the person in the eyes while silently saying: “The divinity in me salutes the divinity within you.” This establishes mutual respect for the spiritual nature in all of us. Then continue: “We are all human. We are all evolving. Evolution means we sometimes make mistakes. Some of these mistakes hurt other people, even if we didn’t intend for them to be hurt. I send to you my forgiveness.” Pause for a moment, then continue: “God’s peace be with you. You are forgiven.” 5. Then pause and reflect on forgiveness. Really feel yourself letting go of the anger, resentment, or hurt you were feeling. Smile inwardly at the person. Repeat three to seven times or until you feel the negative emotion lift. One way to tell if you’ve truly begun to let the negative emotion go is the ability to think about the person or the episode without feeling angry or hurt.Practiced regularly, it can be powerful in releasing trapped negative emotional energies.


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Rachael Bukowski Breaks MSU Pool Record On Senior Day

Michigan State senior Racheal Bukoski broke the MSU pool record in the 50 on Senior Day.

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Australian Teen Ariarne Titmus Looking 'Ledecky-esque'... AGAIN

The 'terminator' Ariarne Titmus wowed spectators at the Australian Trials tonight, winning 200m freestyle gold in a superb 1:55.76. Current photo via Swimming Australia LTD

Splitting, 56.86/58.9, Titmus clocked a huge winning time of 1:55.76, her fastest ever by over half a second. Entering the meet she held the Australian national age record with her previous personal best of 1:56.34, but the St. Peters Western swimmer's outing tonight blows that mark out of the water.

For comparison, American legend Katie Ledecky's fastest 200m freestyle at 17 years of age checked in at 1:55.16, followed by the 1:55.74 she put up at the 2014 Pan Pacific Championsihps. The fact Titmus is in that range even 5 weeks before the main Commonwealth Games event is exciting for Aussie fans.

And this isn't the firs time Titmus has appeared 'Ledecky-esque'. At December's Queensland Championships, Titmus took down the Australian senior national record in the 400m freestyle, clocking a huge 4:02.86.

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