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World Records Tumble Down Over First 4 Days of FINA World Masters Championships - Swimming World News

The 2017 FINA World Masters Championships splashed into action earlier this week and world records have been tumbling down! A total of 11 masters world records have fallen so far, with three days left in the competition.

25-29 Age Group

David Alcolado Durango of Spain eclipsed the previous world and championship record in the men's 200 free with a time of 1:50.76.

35-39 Age Group

Kowei Kawamoto with the Phoenix Swim Club of the USA flew to a new world and championship record in the men's 100 fly, delivering a final time of 54.02.

45-49 Age Group

Serkan Atasay of Turkey delivered a new world and championship record in the men's 50 fly, setting the record at a 25.48.

Hungary's Valter Kalaus dashed to a new world record in finals of the men's 100 free, posting a record-breaking 53.66 for the title.

50-54 Age Group

Italy's Luca Vigneri grabbed the championship title and a new world record in the men's 200 back. He stopped the clock at a world record time of 2:16.87.

60-64 Age Group

Alexey Markovskiy of Russia turned in a new world record in the men's 50 fly. He posted a time of 27.91 to set both the world and championship records.

The USA's Dan Stephenson lowered the world and championship record to a time of 2:08.05 in the men's 200 free.

65-69 Age Group

Tim Shead, representing South Africa, delivered a new world and championship record of 2:39.69 in the finals of the men's 200 back.

Masters superstar, Laura Val of the USA, lowered the women's 100 free world and championship records to a swift 1:05.00.

80-84 Age Group

Hungary's Kati Flora posted a new world and championship record in the women's 200 IM, stopping the clock at a time of 3:53.63.

Bela Fabian, also of Hungary, turned in a new world and championship for the men's 100 breast, posting a final time of 1:34.43.


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